About the Artist

Welcome to Exquisite Paradox, the creative haven curated by Ava May, a passionate artist and freelance designer. Drawing inspiration from retro charm and whimsy, Ava's artistry breathes life into original illustrations featured on an array of art prints, stickers, and other goods available through our online store and select retailers through our wholesale offerings.

Ava's work delves into themes of personal growth, fostering a deeper connection with oneself, nature, and nurturing mental wellness. Her designs encapsulate a playful nostalgia while offering uplifting narratives. In her freelance work, Ava is passionate about partnering with creatives, musicians, nonprofits, and small businesses who share her desire to spread mindfulness. Beyond creating art, she strives to create a culture of shared inspiration and connection.

Exquisite Paradox isn't just about products; it's an invitation to explore a world where art serves as a bridge to deeper connections and simple joys. Ava May invites you to experience this artistic journey, where each creation celebrates the beauty of life's paradoxes.